You may have wondered where I have gone?  I’ve disappeared into the actual and virtual worlds of library training through Syracuse University.    I was away for the summer at the beautiful campus and then have been busy with online classes, learning, reading, in addition to my work as a personal coach and teacher.

Currently, I am taking a class called “Information Technology in Educational Organizations.”   Along with my other course, “Literacy Through School Libraries”, my head is spinning–in a good way.   I am taking my samurai mind on a different spin and I am valiantly trying to join the 21st century.

One of our current questions is to consider how we might include blogging in our libraries and classrooms.   How would or could a blog support the library?  Should it involve just me, your samurai mind librarian, or also involve the patrons.   My first thought is that blogging is an awesome opportunity to create community while developing skills that involve  collaboration, editing, technology, and a plethora of other skills that involve the Common Core and AASL standards.

I think it is important to have a librarian voice and a patron voice.   I think the more students/patrons know me as a human being, the better.   Blogging lends itself to informal sharing that could open up patrons to new books, activities, and ways to use the library.  I think it is also important to include micro-blogging opportunities for students so they have ownership and widen the audience/use of the library by reviewing books, adverstising/creating creation opportunities and events in the library and otherwise using student-speak to attract a wider audience.

How to do that is a different issue.   Ideas?