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Samurai Mind on My Money Hack

With my mind on my money and my money on my mind. ……Snoop Dog I don’t want to get all new age-y on you, but in a lot of ways money is energy.   You, or in the case of stocks … Continue reading

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Money Games: Samurai Time, pt. 4

Eighteen minutes left on my timer.  One more hour left in the manga cafe.  Day 440 of 595 of a paid Japanese immersion experience called Silverspoon.  (I’m listening to Japanese Youtube as I write.)  ¥900 to be in this booth.   … Continue reading

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Samurai Money Journal: Seeing is Believing

I have to admit that I’m over my head.  As part of the All Japanese All the Time process, I am trying to listen to materials that I am interested in.  Books on tape aren’t as common as they are … Continue reading

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Samurai Money Energy: A Penny “Saved”

A funny thing happens in New York.   People throw out pennies.  You find them on the street, lost and lonely little pennies.  I’ve witnessed people hurling them into the street.  My wife, Yoko, was shocked about this.    This just doesn’t … Continue reading

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How to Use Multiple Savings Accounts

Disclaimer:  Remember I am just a motivational speaker who lives in a van down by the river.  Multiple savings accounts are a great way to train your mind to think about money, and I think that will have an impact … Continue reading

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Do Money or Money Will Do You: Rich Samurai/Poor Samurai

Sorry about the Rich Dad/Poor Dad reference.  I just had to.  Truth is, I found that book in our book sharing shelf in the building and I haven’t gotten around to reading it. Now, remember, I am just a motivational … Continue reading

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