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Evernote: the Mirror on the Wall

Hey I’m back. I’m on summer vacation and I’m in a Japanese cafe overlooking a fish market.   The 2016-2017 school year was my first year as a librarian and I did not make time to write. I’m hoping to … Continue reading

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Less Can Be More:  Why Mini Habits Can Lead to more Than Minimal Practice

In my last post I discussed how mini-habits can help maintain skills rather than letting them stagnate.   This is an important phenomenon but it’s also true that mini habits can help you exceed your practice goals. Because of my … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget to Habit

Sometimes I feel like my life is the movie “Memento.”  The character had a memory problem so everyday he tattooed notes all over himself as he searched for his wife’s killer.  It’s a strange movie but it might as well … Continue reading

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The Compound Effect:   Get a Habit

I’ve  let library books pile up again.   I finished a nice graphic novel memoir called “Relish” that was recommended by the podcast Librarians Assemble. But I also have a small little pile of books recommended by online business folks … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Physical:  Put a Bullet Through Your Journal

I was stumbling through the Internet and landed on Bellwether Friends, a fun podcast with two librarians who also discuss pop culture.   After twenty eight minutes of  the various versions of Strek Trek,  Bellwether friends discussed bullet journaling. Bullet … Continue reading

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Riding that Chain:  using the chain of mini-habits

I’m on the 23rd day of using Chains app to establish mini habits.  Everyday I do something small for six things that I am trying to make life-long habits:  learning languages, playing guitar, becoming a skillful librarian, getting in shape, … Continue reading

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Mini-Habits: (Don’t) Break the Chain

It’s been an app-y summer.   I’ve finished graduate school and though I am preparing to start a new career as a school librarian, there aren’t as many looming deadlines and forced readings as last year.   I’ve installed a … Continue reading

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Dump and Slash:   Why sometimes you need to raze a village to save a child

I’m in Japan with a suitcase full of notebooks and professional literature.   I am on a dump and slash mission.   I’m here for thirty days and I hope to return without any of the notebooks and professional literature … Continue reading

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Listen to What You Want to Become: Samurai Mind meets Cyberpunk  Librarian

I’m in transition. (No not that kind.).  I’m a teacher learning to be a teacher librarian.   But to be a teacher librarian these days means to be an information generalist in an age when information is metastasizing at a … Continue reading

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Time Pressure Samurai

I’m sitting by a large window in a cafe in Manhattan, facing the East and hoping to get some rays of sun before I head into to the cave of work.  I have five more minutes before I have to … Continue reading

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