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Money Games: Samurai Time, pt. 4

Eighteen minutes left on my timer.  One more hour left in the manga cafe.  Day 440 of 595 of a paid Japanese immersion experience called Silverspoon.  (I’m listening to Japanese Youtube as I write.)  ¥900 to be in this booth.   … Continue reading

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Think Genki: As a Samurai Giveth, A Samurai Receive(th?)

Preparing for Take-off The house-sitter is secured.  Passport is in order and samurai is ready to go to Japan.  My bags are not yet packed but somehow I’ve found a few minutes to read my trashy self-help book, 毎朝1分で人生は変わる:One Minute, … Continue reading

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Keep Your Mind on Samurai Shuffle

  I was one of those guys that resisted getting an iPod for what seems like an eternity.  Then, I started trying to learn Japanese and realized what a relic I was walking around town with a cassette deck or … Continue reading

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Samurai Notebooks of the Mind

Spaced-repetition, the final frontier.   To boldly go where no samurai notebook has gone before. I’ve used notebooks for a long time.   For a while, I was doing “morning pages”, a method popularized by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way.  (I … Continue reading

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Keep Your Battery Charged: A Little A Day Keeps Your Skills Great

20歳であれ、80歳であれ、誰でも學ぶことをやめてしまえば老人になる。學ぶことをやめなければいつでも若さを保てる。人生で最も重要なことは心を若く保つことだ。 Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest (lit: most important) thing in life is to keep your mind young.  Furuichi Tip:「太く短く」より「細かく長く」のほうが簡単! Samurai Dose of Soy Translation:  A … Continue reading

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Welcome to Samurai Mind: Learning Tools for Health, Wealth and the Earth.

My name is Juan Rivera and this is my blog. Samurai mind online is about learning  and self-help strategies with an Eastern edge.  Disclaimer #1:  I don’t know anything about samurai.   I don’t want to be a samurai.  I don’t … Continue reading

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