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Flow Like Water: Financial Samurai

…the sage, traveling all day, does not lose sight of his baggage. Though there are beautiful things to be seen, he remains unattached and calm.”— Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching (Feng and English translation) If we’re on a quest for … Continue reading

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How to get better in one easy step. Show the Samurai Up!

All I need to know is how much is enough.   —James Heisig’s translation of  saying on a small stone basin at Ryonji,  a Zen temple Buddhist poet Saigyo tried to live “one inch above the ground.”  . . .not with … Continue reading

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Happiness, Service, and the Power of Love: Martin Luther King, Jr Quotes

In my last post I discussed the happiness decision, or the power to make a decision to turn your mind towards positive things even when you don’t feel happy.  Lately, I’ve also been pondering the question of how do you … Continue reading

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Do Money or Money Will Do You: Rich Samurai/Poor Samurai

Sorry about the Rich Dad/Poor Dad reference.  I just had to.  Truth is, I found that book in our book sharing shelf in the building and I haven’t gotten around to reading it. Now, remember, I am just a motivational … Continue reading

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