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How To Leverage What You Read: Furuichi Tip #3 「読書のコツとは?」

Break out the soy sauce, because Samurai Mind Online is lost in translating another Japanese source today!  In this chapter of 1日30分」を続けなさい!人性勝利の勉強法55 Learn to Win by Yukio Furuichi (古市幸雄)  asks the simple question,  what is the best way to read?   Continue reading

Why I Don’t (Samurai) Mind Paying Library Fines

Okay, not completely true.   When I forget to turn in my daughter’s DVD of, let’s say, Barbie:  A Fairy Secret (a cinematic tour de force-harrumph!) and am asked to fork over six bucks, my heart doesn’t sing.    But then I remember that it is a forced donation to an organization that I have voluntarily given money to in the past and that I will willingly give to again.

Libraries have helped me shape my life, maybe even saved my life. Continue reading