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Automatic Samurai: Sprinkler Systems On!

I just finished my Building Your Personal Foundation course through CoachU, taught by Susan Abrams.   I was excited and challenged and by the idea of creating “automatic sprinkler systems” to fulfill various needs.   For example, I realized that one of … Continue reading

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Samurai Attraction: Get a Little “Shelvish”

This will be the year of getting “shelvish.”  I have been feeling a little overwhelmed that I have all these great books on my shelf that have gone unread and are just “lying there.”   So I’ve begun a one page … Continue reading

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Samurai in the Cloud: Bookmark Your Life on the eCloud

I resisted for the longest time but I am finally on the Kindle “cloud.”  It started with a used Kindle that I bought from a friend, and then I became a real convert when I realized that I could stay … Continue reading

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Samurai Reading Sluts: How to Become One

Khatz over at ajatt.com has posted an excellent article called “12 Common Reading Mistakes You’re Making That You Need to Stop Making if You Want to Be Thin and Pretty Like Me.”  Just looking at the title and the summary … Continue reading

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Hey Coach, Samurai Shrink This

“Shrink the space.”  After reading Daniel Coyle’s The Little Book of Talent, this phrase has been going through my head continuously.   Coyle says tweets or microfiction help writers to hone their sentences and ideas.  Brazilian soccer players can play futebol … Continue reading

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The Things I Carry: A Day in the Life of a Silverspooner

I am on day 572 of 595 in Silverspoon, an internet service designed to help people immerse themselves in Japanese and become fluent.   I like the fact that there are limited days.  These past weeks I’ve passed over opportunities to … Continue reading

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Read This Fast!: Samurai “Speed Reading”

Well, I finally finished reading, 情報が10倍になるNLP速読術 BY Naoya Matsushima.  (soy sauce translation: Get Ten Times More Information Through the NLP Speed Reading Method.)  Since the book is about speed reading, I had to read it fast.   I probably only understood … Continue reading

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All”s Fair in Love and Reading

Okay, well far as love goes, you should try to be human , respect and work things out, and let them down easy but as far as books go, love ’em or leave ’em.   Here are some other important differences between love … Continue reading

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How To Leverage What You Read: Furuichi Tip #3 「読書のコツとは?」

Break out the soy sauce, because Samurai Mind Online is lost in translating another Japanese source today!  In this chapter of 1日30分」を続けなさい!人性勝利の勉強法55 Learn to Win by Yukio Furuichi (古市幸雄)  asks the simple question,  what is the best way to read?  

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