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As I approach learning and writing, I’ve noticed the power of not only small minute blocks of study but also the power of a second, or even a nano-second.   There is a split second, draw your katana decision.  Will you  1)  hate yourself for what you didn’t know? 2) throw out the fact because it isn’t interesting any more?  or  3) breathe and smile into it and find something to love and have fun with?  The point is not to ever feel bad, but to take advantage of the moments when you can make a decision to turn that moment into a learning, loving moment.

I’ve been dipping into this book by Masami Utsude about adding speed to your learning methods. He recommends learning English by watching and reading materials that you enjoy. Good advice for learning any language!

Part of the reason that I am so obsessed with the small is because I am doing a Japanese immersion program called Silverspoon.   I get all kinds of study suggestions, funky Japanese links, and inspirational quotes in English and Japanese.   A lot of these quotes emphasize doing rather than not doing.   Today’s “sprints” had this banner over it:   “Good Enough Now > Perfect Later.”   It also included a link that led me to my youtube page, which is crowded with all sorts of Japanese content.

Khatzumoto, the not-so-evil genius behind Silverspoon, has gotten subatomic and created a study program called Neutrino.  I haven’t really given it a spin but I love the smaller than an atom principle.   It’s the power of the teeny tiny, the force of the small–drops wearing down mountains.

Lately, I haven’t had much time for writing.  This post has been written in five minute chunks.   Sentence by sentence.   It’s better to push a little bit than let your dreams and ideas slip away.

According to Janis Joplin,  “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose…”   Get small and in that subatomic moment lovingly choose your direction.   Be a split second samurai.