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Jetlag can be a drag, but there are its advantages.   This morning I woke up at 4:30 a.m and walked out to the rising sun.   After purchasing a canned espresso drink

Fueling my jetlag with canned coffees.

from the local vending machine (they are everywhere!), I headed out for a morning walk.  I saw Mount Fuji in the distance, with its little trails of snow.  My little iPhone picture can’ t do justice to Fuji-san, but seeing this ancient volcano is one of the perks of waking up way early.

This visit to Japan is slightly different.  I can understand a little bit more, I can read a whole lot more, but I still know just enough Japanese to get me in trouble.

However, I am also better “armed” with a smartphone.  This morning not only was I able take these “stunning” landscape pictures but I also took pictures of signs along the park for future reference.  I’d always meant to write down these signs and translate them later but when you are walking you don’t want to break the flow of the walk.   A quick snapshot and then I’m gone.  Jetlag samurai on the prowl.

Later, by the beach, (not as romantic as it sounds), I was able to use my Midori app and look up a few words and insta/presto turn them into flashcards. Jetlag lifehack.

It’s better to get a full night’s sleep and I know I can’t keep this up for ever.  But it brings up a point Furuichi-san makes in his books.   Take advantage of sleepless moments to study something and explore.  Usually after 20 minutes, I can go back to sleep.   However when my body is telling me that it 5:30 in the afternoon, I take the opportunity to use this “awakened” moment to be out in nature and among the vending machines.  🙂  Every moment is precious for the jetlag samurai.  zzzzzz.

This time on my visit to Japan, this samurai is “armed” with an iPhone, ready to capture sights, sounds, and random kanji on the fly.