February 24

My excitement and nervous energy are building up.   I am going to my first self-help seminar, in Japanese.   First, I have to celebrate the fact that I found the seminar at the Financial Academy.   I was flipping through ジャピオン, the local NYC free paper for the Japanese community, and was able to figure out that the seminar is designed to address the following issues:

Money Cultivation Course (Japanese Link)

“Who this course is for people who”:

  • Even though they try each month, can’t save money
  • Want to learn how to save, use, and increase their money
  • Want results for their learning in a powerful two hour course
  • Want to learn to save money in a relaxed manner.
  • Want to learn how to save $300 a month towards investments.
  • Want to learn how to save $100,000 in five years
  • Want to learn how to speak to their partners about money and the future
  • Want to study a money course that has been attended by over 140,000 people

“The reason you don’t know how to cultivate money is not your fault.  Here are the top reasons”:

  • They don’t teach money cultivation in the schools
  • There is a tendency to talk about money being “dirty”
  • Without knowing about expenditures, investments, and income you cannot draw you “Money Map.”

“What you will Learn at the Financial Academy”:

  • How to speak freely and comfortably about money, the economy, and investments
  • How to manage your investments while breathing freely
  • How to plan for having your own home
  • How to breakthrough your financial worries

I’m not endorsing the course, but just by registering and reading the online materials, I feel like I’ve already gotten my $20 worth.  (Also, I heartily support anyone who teaches people to take control of their financial lives, as long as its done in an ethical manner.)  Plus, early registrants like me will get a free book.    It looks like their will be a lot of overheads and visuals so my kanji skills will help.   Of course, I can’t carry on a conversation in Japanese (yet!) so I am nervous about probably being the only non-Japanese person there.

As they say, I will keep you posted!