Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 7.20.42 PMI’m in transition. (No not that kind.).  I’m a teacher learning to be a teacher librarian.   But to be a teacher librarian these days means to be an information generalist in an age when information is metastasizing at a tremendous rate.  In library school, we are encouraged to learn coding languages as well as connecting with great books for kids of all ages.  It’s overwhelming for a busy dad who doesn’t even know what’s on cable television.

But I decided to let go and let podcast.  From my days of All Japanese All The Time,  I realized that you become what you listen to.   So I hit up a Facebook group for librarians called ALA THINK TANK for librarian podcast recommendations.  Librarians are a helpful bunch and within minutes and over several days I developed a nice little list of podcasts.

My only “ask” was that the program has to be fun to listen to.   I have enough required activities in my life right now and don’t need any more “homework.”  I found a program, Lost in the Stacks, about university libraries that interspersed with great rock  and roll.

Then I stumbled onto The Cyberpunk Librarian.  Episode 36 focuses on productivity tools and did a great explanation of the Getting Things Done system.  Daniel Messer shows how to use list making tools and why he prefers using OneNote to Evernote.  He also succinctly explains and rifts on the very helpful Pomodoro technique.  Always a librarian, Messer provides a killer resource list of interest to anyone interested in getting things done.  But what also intrigued me was that he also advocates for using a physical notebook.  I’m waiting with samurai baited breath to listen to that episode.

This little episode is a great reminder that you can use the immersion and principles can work for whatever skill you want to tackle.  Make sure to:

  • Use and expand your social networks to get ideas beyond your own research
  • Let go and let podcast.  There is so much interesting and specialized content out there.   Go get it!
  • Be immersed in the language of your new or desired skill
  • Expand your Personal Learning Network by asking for help, online and in person.  When you strike gold, make sure to share the wealth
  • Have fun!