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Small is the New Big: Samurai Chain Reaction

Taking five minutes to do something you love or practice is more than a small act.  Taking five minutes does more than place a bookmark in your life for important projects.  “Five Minutes” is  a revolutionary act because  but because … Continue reading

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Restart the Suckage: Turn Resistance into Flow

The other day I had a memory of a time when someone needed to transfer gas from a friend’s car to make it to the gas station.  He took a hose, held it at a certain angle, sucked some gasoline … Continue reading

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Samurai in the Cloud: Bookmark Your Life on the eCloud

I resisted for the longest time but I am finally on the Kindle “cloud.”  It started with a used Kindle that I bought from a friend, and then I became a real convert when I realized that I could stay … Continue reading

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