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One Minute Review: Enjoy Yourself to Learn a Foreign Language

As part of my Japanese immersion project, I have Japanese books stashed all over the place: in  my man bag, by my bedside, by the computer, etc.  At the Writer’s Room, where I spend 45-60 minutes each morning studying or … Continue reading

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The Split Second Samurai: Love it or Leave It

As I approach learning and writing, I’ve noticed the power of not only small minute blocks of study but also the power of a second, or even a nano-second.   There is a split second, draw your katana decision.  Will you  … Continue reading

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Create Your Own Microclimate but Don’t Live In a Bubble

As I write this post, the streets are teeming with people jostling and getting ready for the possible onslaught of the “Frankenstorm” Hurricane Sandy.   I hope it is just the hyperbole of the century.  I’m trying not to get sucked … Continue reading

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