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The Power of Five Minutes: Mutant Samurai Turtles, Activate!

I did it!  I headed to the post office, got the right postage and sent my book proposal to an agent I worked with years before.   (I will tell you later what it was my book proposal was about.  I … Continue reading

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Review Your Notebook, Change Your Mind: Samurai Mind Shift

Little pieces floating back to the edge of consciousness.  Samurai reviews old pages.  Review your notebook, change your mind.

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The Multiplier Effect: Or, A Rolling Samurai Gathers No Moss

I’ve become really interested in the power of small, persistent efforts.  (Check out my last post.)   I think one of the major benefits of persistent, small efforts is the “multiplier effect.”   Deliberate practice leads to slight more mastery, which leads … Continue reading

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The Power of Small: Samurai Steps Baby Steps

There are a couple of things that terrify me: writing and technology.   Yes, I am writing right now.  Yes, I am using WordPress right now on a computer and publishing over the “internets.”  However, these things have only happened because … Continue reading

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Using Progress Bars to Maximize Your Learning: Samurai Hits the Bars

I am hitting the bars once again.  No, it isn’t what you think.   I’m hitting the progress bars on learning websites.

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How to Pay Your Credit Card: Samurai uses “the Float”

I am not a financial consultant.  I am not even a real samurai.  So any advice you get here is solely my personal experience and not necessarily a guide to general action. The true warrior learns to fight so she … Continue reading

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