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Foreign Language with Benefits: Samurai Mind Samurai Tongue

All wisdom can be found by repeatedly watching Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai.   One thing I really admire about Cruise’s Captain Nathan Algren is his ability to play with the children of the samurai, ask questions, and learn the … Continue reading

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What’s in Your Notebook?: Samurai Notes to Self

Getting tired of the whole samurai riff?  Well let’s change cliches.  You can call me Notebook Kid, the rootenest, tootenest, notebook slinging samurai thar is.   I always walk around with two notebooks:   one cocked and ready for a new thoughts … Continue reading

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Samurai Does Silverspoon: The Halfway Point

Sometimes a samurai mind needs to be shaken up.   And stirred. 297 days ago, I signed up for Silverspoon, a service from the creator of All Japanese All the Time, that is meant to guide you to Japanese fluency.  Today, … Continue reading

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Develop a Morning Practice: Samurai Morning Do’s

I was walking to the writer’s room this morning and in the midst of my samurai shuffle (listening to an iPod with random Japanese music and books on tape), Furuichi-san came on and talked about the importance of studying in … Continue reading

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Love ‘Em Or Leave ‘Em: Fun with Benefits–Samurai Reading Strategy

When you choose your own sources of input, you can choose things that you really care about. Instead of reading some random article in your English textbook, you can read a Harry Potter book, an e-mail message from a friend, … Continue reading

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A Life Changing Talk About Money: Masato Izumi –Preview

I met Masato Izumi after a two hour “Money Cultivation” seminar at the Financial Academy.  The woman I sat next to at the seminar explained to me that he owned fifteen buildings in Tokyo and was a multimillionaire.  As she … Continue reading

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