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Fit to be Rich: Samurai at Financial Academy

It’s ironic that in order to get to the Japanese Financial Academy for a “Money Cultivation Course” I had to walk through the Diamond District on West 47th.   I’m not a gold and jewelry guy but I was pretty amazed … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry, Study: Samurai at Play

I’m going to keep it short, because today is the big day that I go to the Money Cultivation Course. I want to pick up on a sentence from 1日30分 that I copied as part of my ongoing process of … Continue reading

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Money Cultivation Course: Samurai Pre-School Jitters

February 24 My excitement and nervous energy are building up.   I am going to my first self-help seminar, in Japanese.   First, I have to celebrate the fact that I found the seminar at the Financial Academy.   I was flipping through … Continue reading

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Samurai Need App

I have a week off from school and I plan to spend some quality time with my family and my Iphone.  Ipad, Iphone, Isurrendered.   Yes, I got an Iphone.  I got tired of people telling me that my Palm Treo … Continue reading

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Don’t Watch TV: Samurai Unplugged

Everywhere I go it seems there is someone or something telling me not to watch television.   I guess that’s one of the dangers of reading too many books! Furuichi Yukio in his book 1日30分を続けなさい!人生勝利の勉強法55Learn to Win (Every Day Continue for … Continue reading

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Mindful Repetition: The Mother of All Skills

I am continuing to read I Can by Ben Sweetland.   It’s kind of like The Secret but last edited in the 1960’s.   Yeah, so retro, it’s cool.:) Right?   (Crickets chirping.)  Anyway, Sweetland does something interesting.   Because he is exploring how … Continue reading

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Samurai Money Journal: Seeing is Believing

I have to admit that I’m over my head.  As part of the All Japanese All the Time process, I am trying to listen to materials that I am interested in.  Books on tape aren’t as common as they are … Continue reading

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