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I Can-The Key to Life’s Golden Secrets: A Samurai Mind Book Review

I picked up the Japanese version of I Can at at Sanseido, a Japanese bookstore in New Jersey.   The Japanese title of Ben Sweetland’s book is 自分を生かす 「魔法の杖」.  According to the internets [sic, man, sic] 生かす can mean:  to make best … Continue reading

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Samurai Self-Help: Games R Us

Okay, confession time.  Lately  I have become a self-help junkie.   At the library, the WordPress and all other things computer are very close to the religion and self-help books.  These days I can’t seem to stay away from the self-help … Continue reading

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Samurai Money Energy: A Penny “Saved”

A funny thing happens in New York.   People throw out pennies.  You find them on the street, lost and lonely little pennies.  I’ve witnessed people hurling them into the street.  My wife, Yoko, was shocked about this.    This just doesn’t … Continue reading

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How to Use Multiple Savings Accounts

Disclaimer:  Remember I am just a motivational speaker who lives in a van down by the river.  Multiple savings accounts are a great way to train your mind to think about money, and I think that will have an impact … Continue reading

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Money is My Friend: Reflections on Ideas from Phil Laut’s Book

Phil Laut’s book, Money is My Friend, came into my life in the offices of a publisher at Ballantine Wellspring.  I was there with my agent to promote the book I had written at the time,  Mind, Body, Wallet.    The … Continue reading

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Do Money or Money Will Do You: Rich Samurai/Poor Samurai

Sorry about the Rich Dad/Poor Dad reference.  I just had to.  Truth is, I found that book in our book sharing shelf in the building and I haven’t gotten around to reading it. Now, remember, I am just a motivational … Continue reading

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Furuichi’s Learning Success Formula: Samurai Mind Power Activate!

  I normally don’t like formulas but Furuichi-san drew me in with this one.  Drum roll please: Y= A x B x X² + C Did you feel the earth shaking? Y is the results of your studies.  A is … Continue reading

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Listening to Samurai Echo: How to Turn “Failures” into Successes

Every effort creates an echo or even a dissonance to be listened to, to build on.  Even a “failed” effort creates a lingering question.  The question is, can you persist and grow from it?

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